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Arena Of Valor Mobile continues to affirm its "quality" compared to the brother of Honor King (Honor of Kings / King of Glory) with the generals with significant differences. Not merely the original mechanism of 3-4 skills of General Vuong Gia Vinh Dieu to Union Mobile, Timi now also "cooks" himself to create Volkath, Zip, Dirak or recently the number of generals "beta" "like Sinestrea, Dragonfly or the 103rd most recent general named: Thorne (or Genius). Most of these generals possess some "unique" ability even with Wang Jianhuang himself.
The 1.35 beta of Arena Of Valor Mobile continued to test General Thorne from May 26 and the community immediately recognized the mutant elements that this gunner created.

Let\u1234s summarize Thorne"s preliminary skill set and make the following short assessments:

Passive: Thorne"s move is not affected by cooldown reduction, but each n% cooldown reduction will be converted into n physical attacks (n: non-fixed parameters).
Recruit 1: Thorne selects 1 of 3 types of ammunition to load into the gun and enhances the basic attack. The number of bullets will consume a certain amount of energy. If fully loaded with 3 bullets, the next basic attack will activate the Gauntlet status and will gain a% increase in attack speed for n seconds. Inadequate energy or ending the Ghosty state, will itself enter cooldown. Cooldown ended will be fully charged.

Passive: Thorne gains attack speed and critical chance.
Purple bullets: Deals the target"s current health as magic damage.
Yellow bullets: Causes a target to slow by% of their movement speed for 1 second, max stacking 3 times.
Green bullets: Bonus cooldown of 2 and 3 removed
Review: Thorne\u1234s passive and ability 1 really differentiate players clearly in choosing how to build (reducing cooldown or critical strike, armor penetration) as well as choosing the type of bullets and the number of bullets before when firing.

Recipe 2: Thorne glides forward and refreshes magic bullets while enhancing his basic attack, increasing range and effect.

Purple bullets: Hit targets that deal bonus damage based on missing health.

Yellow bullets: Shoot stun targets.

Blue bullets: Shoots explosive targets.
Review: Thorne"s Thieu 2 is like a gliding phase that helps pass the simple terrain but actually enhances the basic attack. Therefore, the selection of bullets before firing in combination with surfing makes the diversity of handling options of gamers. They need to finish or control the target to finish then it depends greatly on how to choose the bullets and the timing of surfing with skill 2.

Zhao 3: Thorne gathered for 1 second then attacked a large area in front of him. Enemies standing in the center will take double damage.
Review: Thorne"s ultimate has a delay similar to Astrid"s Ulti or Aleister"s 1, but the range both horizontally and vertically shows superiority. With ulti damage range, Thorne can destroy the whole enemy team who is defending the tower and this is the mutant skill of this new gunner general when compared to colleagues.