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After Auto Chess Mobile conducted a worldwide server aggregation, a Vietnamese player reached the highest rank, surpassing all others.
Auto Chess Mobile has carried out worldwide server consolidation updates into a single server. This is considered a move to "gather" all the players in this server cluster into a single arena. At this time, the competition of Auto Chess Mobile will be more fierce when many "top-gravel" players in many countries will return to gather in a server.
This factor makes the matches of Auto Chess Mobile rank increasingly fierce and stressful. Because, besides the common dignity factor, the calculation and tactics of each player will be a decisive part to the success or failure of the match. Therefore, the gathering of many good players from many previous servers will make the match in Auto Chess Mobile more attractive. Of course, the way to climb rank will also be thorny and more difficult.

However, for Vietnamese gamers, nothing is impossible. Even facing a lot of terrible players at other servers cannot stop the progress of Vietnamese players. Recently, a domestic gamer has surpassed many other players to become the highest rank in Auto Chess Mobile as well as the character with the highest rank in the world.
Specifically, this Vietnamese gamer is the first to reach the "Queen" Rank milestone, the highest rank in Auto Chess Mobile. This has proved the talent and bravery of Vietnamese gamers in general as well as of Auto Chess Mobile in particular when overcoming a series of tough faces from many other countries to be the first. Hand in this "glory".

It is known that this player is from a Vietnamese clan, the interesting thing is that in the picture above, the two highest ranking players are Vietnamese gamers and the same clan. VG.Aqua is a member of VG clan (One of the strongest and most crowded clans of Auto Chess Mobile Vietnam community at the moment). This is a gamer who has been on the server rankings of Asia for several times while still having server breakdown by region.

The first time when climbing ranks is the hardest for gamers to face against the toughest players from many regions and the number of points earned when high rankings are very low. Faced with updates, meta changes, a few problems when upgrading a new version, many times gamers who climb the rank often get unusually deducted points, but VG.Aqua has confirmed its strength. when he was the first to reach Queen"s 5th season. To be able to climb to the top of Queen"s season was really difficult, this was proved by the time that a week later, no player had reached the rank. this
This can be seen as a cradle that wings for many Auto Chess Mobile Vietnam players to reach out to the world to prove the ability and dignity of Vietnamese players. Hopefully, in the future, more domestic gamers will reach this peak.