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eGirl did not come back to be a maid, anyone expected to be a concubine. Will you survive to become a phoenix in a harem or be banished to a cold palace?
Princess eGirl vs softGirl is a fashion match archery game, released on Android platform by Muu Game. Although not released long ago, Princess eGirl vs softGirl has received the attention of many gamers, especially the sister association of labyrinth games.

Opening the game is a dialogue between the heroine and a scientist. Accordingly, the female lead - who is a fashion designer - will not go back to the Qianlong period to find Bach Son Tu Quyen. This bamboo name made me quite curious. Is it a precious outfit, a martial arts secret or a Qing Dynasty "fashion book"?
Princess eGirl vs softGirl\u1234s linguistic graphics is the most attractive point for players. Qianlong and his guards suddenly turned into a handsome man. Phu Sat Hoang Hau with the prince exuding the demeanor of a supermodel, a gentle and kind expression similar to Phu Sat Hoang Hau (played by Tan Lam) in Dien Hy Cong Luoc. Tue Quy Phi is impressed by her sharpness. She is a charismatic non-national but overbearing, mind-blowing at the first glance.

The background of Princess eGirl vs softGirl is made up of gentle colors such as light pink, light blue ... extremely sweet. But overusing these sweet colors makes it all look pale, unorthodox, no accents.
The biggest minus point about the graphics of the game is that the word is quite small, the line break in the middle of the word causes the sentence to break. Although I love reading the archery story, Moi I really give up, skipping the storyline to reduce eye strain. The only consecrated act makes me very "questionable": vertical interface, horizontal interface, name and position the case is weathered horizontally. All create a strange layout, difficult to read and difficult to describe.

In return, the background music of Princess eGirl vs softGirl is gentle with flute and clear birds singing, making the player experience a pleasant experience. The voices of the male beauties are also extremely warm and gentle, only the opportunity for players to hear very little.
The plot of Princess eGirl vs softGirl revolves around the life of the concubine Thanh Trieu, under King Qianlong. The heroine eGirl does not, unintentionally get caught up in the whirlwind of the female characters in the harem. It is still the familiar structure: from the innocent girl, entering the palace to become a concubine, being favored by the Emperor, being buried, "evil" and then becoming the head of the harem.

Players need to complete the main task in order to receive upgraded items, fostering entourage such as silver, natural gas, herbs ... The entourage system in the game is also very diverse with 55 entourage with specialties. Different subjects: Mind Ke, Communication, Tai Hoa ... Focusing on an entourage with a high mindset will be beneficial, because overcoming or fighting boss all depends on the mind plan. In addition, the game has four attractive beauties for you to meet and date.
As a fashion archery game, Princess eGirl vs softGirl is indispensable for fashion tasks such as collecting fashion items, coordinating themed maps. The outfits in the game are quite diverse with many styles: Thinh Thanh Hoa Phuc, Au Phuc, Dong Lan Thai Y ... It can be said that the eGirl plot has not "legalized" for the collection of ancient - modern costumes and Flipped, West - The game\u1234s sleazy train.

The game possesses the right entertainment features "playing evil" of the concubines such as: Joking (spreading rumors), Bad side (drawing on other people\u1234s face), Bullying, Harassing ... What amusing pleasure? elegant makes others cry.

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The game also has a fairly familiar feature: the garden. Harvested agricultural products will be used for cooking in Ngu Thien Phong to make food for animals. Princess eGirl vs softGirl is a game "multitasking", both archery and fashion, now turned into a farm game in disguise.
Living in a harem, being alone is not a good idea, everyone needs factions. Therefore, when gaining the title of Qin, the small owners need to immediately find themselves a guild to join and receive benefits. Princess eGirl vs softGirl also allows players to make friends and chat.
Princess eGirl vs softGirl is like a person with many talents. In general, if you are a cute and easy-going nerd, ready to ignore word errors in the game, Princess eGirl vs softGirl is a pretty good game to experience. For gamers who love the fashion game genre, this is also a game worth a try because of the beautiful and varied outfits of this game.