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No fussy, no hassle, just using one hand, players can also experience the following iOS games extremely easily. Join Zusoc through the top 10 hottest games on iOS, down & play the hottest games today.

1. Three Kingdoms TD: Fate of Wei

Set in the Three Kingdoms series, Fate of Wei is a sequel to the Three Kingdoms TD series of games developed by Astepgame (AppStore has 2 versions with the same name, different publisher and gameplay).
Plus: Good games, beautiful graphics and a variety of maps, especially free, have made Three Kingdoms TD: Fate of Wei quickly become a must-have game on iOS devices in Vietnam. The most interesting thing is the dotted in the game also features animations depicting the dictionary in a humorous, witty style.


2. Angry Birds Seasons

After 3 years of holding the throne, Angry Birds does not get old or show signs of decline, but instead is the sublimation of this game in 2011. If the classic version is easy to cause boredom with the game screen and multiplier lack of up-to-date characters, Angry Birds Seasons is the perfect highlight of this series.



3. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Set in the battle of every street of the United States as a special task force against terrorists, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation portrays the battle and fire smoke like the console games. Also C.I.A. and terrorist organizations, as well as guns from Glock to grenade launchers, daggers ... Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the most complete version of this series.


4. Infinity Blade II

Unveiled at the end of the year, Infinity Blade II with the Unreal Engine is a flashy side-by-side comparison with the iPhone 4S. After the successes of its predecessor, Infinity Blade II easily conquered iOS gamers, especially Asian gamers because of the simple gameplay combined with the elements of swordplay.
The beautiful Infinity Blade II graphics are unquestionable. The way to play with the way of swiping, dodging, slashing may seem monotonous at first, but when touching, it is not easy to win against the giant Titans.


5. FIFA Soccer 12

Every year, football game on iOS is always a three-horse race including PES 12, Real Football 2012 and FIFA 12. However, regardless of this year PES 12 and Real Football 2012 for iOS is completely free. but they completely lost to EA\u1234s amazing FIFA Soccer 12.
Instead of "bait" players with a free game and then forced to buy players with in-game payment system, FIFA 12 sold for very attractive prices for only $ 0.99 (21,000 VND) but comes with equipment Nice graphics, diverse players, teams and yards.


6. ArcheAge Begins

ArcheAge Begins is a mobile game developed by NPH Gamevil based on Unreal Engine 4 based on copyrighted content from XL Games, the online game development company ArcheAge. The game is a perfect combination of gameplay of the role-playing genre and the charm of the card game series with real-time combat system.
Expected, ArcheAge Begins will be officially launched in Q1 2020.


7. Devilian Mobile

Similar to ArcheAge Begins, Devilian Mobile is also a hot iOS game developed from the popular online game version with the PC game version. Specifically, Devilian Mobile is co-developed between Gamevil and Bluehole Studio with content from Devilian online game developed by Bluehole Ginno Games.
According to the information Gamevil announced, Devilian Mobile will recreate the graphics and gameplay of the PC version on mobile devices, not only that, the PvP system and attractive boss hunting from Devilian will also be present in the game. Devilian Mobile.


8. Royal Blood

Royal Blood is scheduled to launch globally with two versions of Android and iOS in early 2017. Royal Blood is a multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) with gameplay focused on crowded battles. Specifically, this mobile game allows players to participate in 100 vs 100 battles between guilds, which has never been seen in other games of the same genre on mobile.



9. Ace (Alliance of Champions and Empires)

Ace was introduced as a "blockbuster" in the role-playing genre with a bold European context. According to information from Gamevil, Ace is a 3D-based action game with real-time combat system.

10. Nine Hearts

Nine Hearts is a role-playing game starring artist Lee Myung-jin, the "father" of the famous Ragnarok comic book series in Korea. Nine Hearts was introduced with a cute cartoon-style graphic background and full of common features of the role-playing genre.