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1. A "skillful baby game"

Purpose: Make children full symbols of the animals in the sky (Swallow, bird nest, bird worm, ...) Through game situations to help children identify and distinguish between animals.
Content: Exposing animals to their characteristics, knowing their names and benefits.
Game rules: Children know the names, describe the characteristics and benefits of animals (swallow, bird, bird, bird, ...) build these skills to help them learn to draw animals in the sky and in the mountains. (recommend his products).
How to proceed
Preparation: She prepares 3 pictures of animals in the sky associated with different scenes (such as seascape, islands of bird\u1234s nest ...) ... Each child has 2 sheets of A4 size paper, pencil, box. Wax color, enough furniture for children to sit, 2 shelves to display products, each basket displays some bingo paintings of animals.
Proceeding: She let the children stand around, singing "Spring Swallow" and talking about some animals living in the sky.
Giving children the position in 3 rows, she takes turns racing out the pictures, letting them observe each animal and introduces their names, characteristics and benefits by making sentences and suggestions for children to understand. senses and responds (individually, collectively) after the child is aware of the similarities and differences between animals.
She said the rules:
When listening to the riddle, the cries of the children who choose the right animal raise up (choose a picture of the bingo), say the names and characteristics of those animals. Then she put them in the table and compete. animals who live in the sky. ”Whoever is skilled at drawing many animals and analyzing in groups of aerial animals in different areas or in terms of color composition will win (the time of the game is a sheet music).
First time: She let children choose the animals to call at her request.
Second: She asks children to choose animals according to characteristics, shape, color, place of life.
3rd: Let children choose animals that live in the sky. Afterwards, your child returns to the table and chooses his or her own drawing paper, pencils, crayons, and paints for you.
During the implementation, she reminded the child to be encouraged to do it (remind the child to hold the pen, the sitting position, choose the color, layout of the picture, group the animals correctly). At the end of the session, the children hang their pictures, they comment on their work, how they draw, what they draw, where they live, the characteristics of that animal. She commented generally, choosing beautiful songs, sharp drawing, and right groupings to praise children.

2. Game Handstand

Requested purpose: Teaching children to count in order.
Preparation: Playground is spacious and airy.
Conduct: Children play in groups of 2 or more children.
Children turn their fists tightly and place on top of each other. Afterwards, children read the nursery rhyme together. A child using a finger pointing from top to bottom finishes all rhymes, just hit someone\u1234s hand, he must withdraw his hand. After each such time, the child will count the remaining hands and continue playing.

3. "Role-playing animals" game

Forge auditory counting skills, counting movements.
Identify and distinguish animals through movements and cries.
Preparation: Music song "Goldfish swim"
How to proceed
She and the child sing the song "Goldfish swim".
Can you guess what the fish do?
What movements does the fish make in the song? (After the child answers, she shows the pictures and points to each movement of the fish. If
If the child can\u1234t answer, let her see the picture first and see where the activity is listed.)
In the song, the fish did the movements: swimming, swimming, diving, dancing (Just counting, she raised her hand to count). All have 4 movements.
Now that the children listened to her sing, they would do the same 5 times in their class (they learned how to count as many times). When the child made her count the number of children\u1234s movements.
For example: She sings "Goldfish swimming in a pool of water".

4. "Find the fruit for the tree" game

Strengthen the ability to recognize numbers and practice counting for children.
Develop observation ability
Some plastic trees or cardboard trees and some loose fruits.
Number cards (Prepare according to the number that your child has learned)
How to proceed
She prepared 3 trees, on each tree divided into small canopies and tagged the number on the canopy. Divide children into 3 teams, playing in the form of "relaying".
Each of the 3 tasked teams will go through a narrow path onto the board to get fruit and stick it on each canopy of their team. You run first will tap on your shoulder next to continue to play. Playing time is 1 song. The team that attaches quickly and correctly to the number of fruits on the canopies for which you have placed a lottery card is the winner.
After the child has finished mounting, she comments:
+ What did you just do? (Attach fruit to tree)
+ How do you do it? (Attach pods to the canopy in the correct amount
in the card number).
She let the children check the results and find the winning team.


5. Game Utop potato leaves

Requested purpose: Teaching children to count in order.
Preparation: Playground is spacious and airy.
How to proceed: Each person plays in a circle, putting his or her hands on the ground. When I started reading "Putting Potato Leaves", one person covered his hands with everyone\u1234s hands, then everyone raised their hands. A person takes his hand just turn each hand in turn, just just continue singing:
“Twelve pinwheels
The boy is wearing a white shirt
The boy is in black
The lantern is carrying
The boy takes the retracting tube
Someone fell into the well
There was a guy falling down
Oops, da! ”
Sing to the last word, the person who just put in the hands of someone else, his hand must be indented. Then the child counts the remaining hands and continues to play.