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Building knowledge for children in the form of "playing" will help them quickly acquire knowledge and remember longer than all. Therefore, learning games for preschool children are always sought. And in today"s article, Zusoc would like to introduce to you a list of the most interesting and interesting learning games for preschool children.

1. Foot memory game

This is one of the games to reinforce knowledge about the basic types of math acquaintance activities for children.
Purpose: Help children remember the names of basic types of geometry such as: (circle, square, triangle, rectangle). Train observation skills and quick reflexes in children.
Preparation: She draws geometric shapes such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle
Game rules: Must enter the correct box as required, her command. Whoever goes wrong must go back and give the turn to your team. The first team to win is the winner.
How to play: let children play in groups (before playing she can give them a lottery or a prisoner to choose play). When she mentioned the name of the picture, the child had to go into the picture (Example: She said the square the child had to go into the square, she said the rectangle the child had to go into the rectangle), if the wrong step had to give the turn to your team and vice versa. At the end of the game, the first pair to win the team wins.

2. Secret door game
This is a game that is applied to the activity of understanding the surroundings on topics such as: (animals, some professions, means of transport. Music activities on topics such as: (real animation material, some trades).
Purpose: To strengthen and review for children some knowledge on the topic that they are learning.
Preparation: Three houses with three different colored doorways (blue, red, yellow) in each house will be different images or objects related to the lesson or topic that the child is learning.
With the subject of her occupation, the house with the yellow doorway is the image of a doctor, the house with the red door is the image of a soldier, the house with the blue doorway is the image or equipment of a farmer .
How to play: Children choose their own doorway. When the doorway is opened inside the house with any image or object, she asks the child to show a song or act in accordance with that image. (Example: The child chooses to open the green doorway, if in the doorway is an image of a farmer, she can ask the child to sing a talk about farming or show some of the actions of the farmer). If you do it well, you will get a gift.
Note: When children play this game, she can let the whole class play or play in groups or groups of individuals

3. Game Find the right house
Purpose: provide and help children remember longer knowledge of the subject being studied in a comprehensive way. Stimulate curiosity to learn in children.
Preparation: a grass table on which she created gaps to make way to each house. Three identical houses on that table. In each house, there are other images and one of those houses has an image similar to the outside image (Example: in the subject "Animals", she put a house with a picture of a chicken, a house. there is a picture of a cat, a house with a picture of a rabbit, and a picture of a cat with a toy outside the house).
How to play: Turn to open each house to check if it is the right house to look for. When the door is opened inside is what image the child will show any gesture of action or a song that matches that image.
Note: When arranging the house, she should find the house in the last position. This game can be applied to activities for children to get used to music and their surroundings. When showing children the images, she can show them as individuals or groups or groups of children. In the process of playing, those who show well will be rewarded to encourage children to play.

4. Game Who won the correct count

Preparation: 5-7 knotted straps good enough for the child to touch and recognize the number of strings, Blindfold, blank
How to play:
When playing, children must not look, only counting with their hands. Children play in groups and, after covering their eyes, administer 1 string of knots for each child. Children touch their fingers to see how many knots there are, when there is a command of the group to play and start counting to see who counts quickly.





5. Guess what tree
This is a game to help strengthen your child\u1234s understanding of the plants planted in the school yard. Thereby, training fast orientation skills and running skills for children. Moreover, through this learning game for preschool children, they will have the opportunity to develop their language.
Preparation: Have children observe the tree in the schoolyard during outdoor activity hours.
How to play: Play the whole class in the school yard
She suggested for children to quickly observe the trees in the school yard and recall the characteristics of the tree over the previous observation hours, then she told them: Today we will play the game "Guess what tree" she will describe the characteristics of a tree. Concentrate on listening, then thinking and guessing what it is. When she shouted: "One, two, three. Find a tree, find a tree ”the child ran to the tree and said what it was. Whoever runs wrong will be fined hopscotch.